I have worked with Visit Faroe Islands since 2015. Not only have I shot for them, local business, and the flag-carrying airline of the Faroe Islands, Atlantic Airways, but I also teach photography workshop there. If you're interested in joining in some trips here, or even at one of my other global locations, check out my f/8 Workshops website.

“And now the storm-blast came, and he was tyrannous and strong.”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Seascape with a mountain and waterfall.

Tryptich of Faroese animals: sheep, horse, puffin.

A house by a lagoon surrounded by mountains.

Tryptich of small figures in epic landscapes.

A lone figure stands on a cliff looking out towards a sea arch and islet.

Two photos of cottages / houses in the Faroe Islands.

A waterfall in the foreground with mountains in the background.

Tryptich of Faroese Houses at sunset.

A windy roads makes its way around a cloudy mountain.

A high, rear, view behind a plane as it's about to take off down the runway.