I spent a few days exploring the amazing Balearic island of Menorca for Menorca Tourism. I discovered beautiful lighthouses, stunning coastlines and natural wonders, and the home of mayonnaise! You can also check out their Instagram feed, @turismomenorca. I flew with Jet2 direct from Belfast, and stayed at the wonderful Logo Resort Menorca.

“I walk, listen, write, converse with the trees,read the ocean.”
Ponç Pons

Lighthouse at sunset

Tryptich of a lighthouse at various stages of sunset

Close up of a mortar bowel and pestle

Diptich of a mortar and pestle, and a chef

Close up of lavendar with the rest of the garden behind it

A sea arch at sunset

Tryptich of a sea arch at sunset

Lighthouse at sunrise

Long exposure of a lighthouse with a cloudy sky overhead