I was hired by Tokyo Tourism head across the world to Japan and spend a week exploring the amazing sights of their capital city, Tokyo. I explored not only the most popular and iconic shots of this sprawling metropolis, but also the nature found in the prefecture and the hidden spots that you might not discover yourself.

My campaign produced around 750 comments and over 21,000 likes on Instagram.

“It feels like my life in Tokyo was just a dream.”
Mika Yamamori

Mount Fuji with the sun setting behind it, as seen from Mount Takao in Tokyo, Japan.

A trypitch of unusual, yet stylish, buildings in Tokyo, Japan.

A long exposure from a metro train going over the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, Japan.

A triptych of photos of colourful jars in the art store, Pigment, in Tokyo, Japan.

A blue hour shot of the Tokyo Tower and surrounding cityscape in Tokyo, Japan.

A diptych of the amazing architecture inside of the Camii Mosque in Tokyo, Japan.

The colourful doors of the SOHO office block in Tokyo, Japan.

A triptych of low-key images from around Tokyo, Japan.

A priest walks through a corridor of seemingly endless glass jars in a temple in Tokyo, Japan.

A triptych of the torii gates at the Hie Shrine in central Tokyo, Japan.

Cityscape view of Tokyo at blue hour, with the Skytree in the centre.

A glorious purple hued sunrise over Mount Fuji and the surrounding landscape near Tokyo, Japan.