The Ecuador Tourism Board (Ministerio de Turismo de Ecuador) invited myself along with 18 other artists from four countries to spend a week exploring Ecuador and rediscovering our senses as part of a documentary known as The Feel Again Project.

“If man doesn't learn to treat the oceans and the rainforest with respect, man will become extinct.”
Peter Benchley

The Milky Way above the Ecuadorian Andes.

A trypitch of a lunar eclipse, shot from Ecuador.

Black and white photo showing the Ecuadorian Rainforest.

A diptych of photos showing sunrise over the Amazon in Ecuador.

Morning mist at sunrise in the Amazon, Ecuador.

A monkey sitting on a tree branch in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Blue hour mixes with sunset in the Amazon, Ecuador.

A diptych of photos showing an Ecuadorian woman tending burning her straw field in the Andes.

A man photographs a burning field in the Andes, Ecuador.